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Henan many villages open "garbage supermarket", with garbage as "money"


"This is my exercise book exchanged with waste batteries!" In August 3rd, Huzhuang village Miaoxia town, the 13 year old Hu Mengbin very happy, and said proudly, he has account in the village e-commerce service center, he collects toxic a

Hot garbage forced classification into the law enforcement era, Shanghai and Guangzhou began to play


according to reports, September 2017, Guangzhou will launch a special law enforcement work carried out compulsory garbage classification, mainly for the organs, enterprises and institutions and property units, for ordinary residents will en

The broken and waste bike-sharing piled up to become the new questions of environmental protection.


Sharing the bike fit environmental protection, the concept of people, so the government's strong support and the public's wide welcome. However, the enterprise only put on regardless of the behavior of recycling, huge quantity of waste an

Waste to treasure, add green engine, waste tire recycling prospect is bright


Relevant experts pointed out that, as waste tires accounted for more than 60% of waste rubber products, therefore, the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber mainly refers to the processing and recycling of waste tires. Our country has l

Ministry of environmental protection: emergency ban on entry of 24 kinds of high pollutants


In July 20th, the paper learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, before the end of 2017, Chinese emergency ban on 4 types of 24 kinds of solid waste entry, including source of waste plastics, vanadium slag, without sorting of

China pays heavy attention to environmental crime


Chinese Supreme People's court held a press conference in Beijing on the 13 day, the "Chinese environmental resources trial (2016-2017)" (white book) and "Chin

Food waste disposal


BackgroundLarge amount and wide use of resources, the disposal of food waste is with broad market prospects. In 2015, the amount of food waste produced in the c

A municipal solid waste classification battle has starred in Guangdong Province


Recently, the State Government Offices Administration of the Ministry of housing and urban construction and other five departments jointly issued announcement, it required that before the end of 2017, the central and state organizations and

Millions of single-use plastic soft drink bottles sold every year


A survey of five of the six biggest soft drinks firms found just 7% of throwaway plastic bottles are made from recycled materials.

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