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The Government Work Report During the Two Sessions Focus on Foreign Waste and Intelligent Applicatio

Temps de libération:2018-03-07

  As the two sessions is being held , a number of "two sessions" keywords continue to flow out, covering many aspects such as "Combating Corruption and building a clean government", "social security", "medical reform", "poverty alleviation", "housing system", "reform and opening up", "employment and income" and so on. The day before, the latest report on the work of the government which once again focuses on "foreign garbage" and "intelligent application" and other words.





  According to the implement of forbidding the foreign garbage and the management system reform of importing solid waste which is published by the General Office of the State Council, by the end of 2017, 24 kinds of solid wastes, such as waste plastics, raw waste paper, waste textile materials, vanadium slag and so on, was forbidden to import. By the end of 2019, the import of the solid waste that can be replaced from domestic resources will gradually be ceased.


  The forbidden of the import of the” foreign garbage” not only is good for the sustainable development of resource, but also benefit the development of domestic renewable resources. How to make use of the existing resource and realize the reuse of waste?It is the crucial part.





  When internet meet with entity economy, “ Internet+” become the new normal. Big data, Internet of things, cloud services, and intelligent application become a required course for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. Under the guidance of the policy of "new technology, new format and new mode, vigorously upgrading and upgrading traditional industries", it will trigger a new wave of upsurge of intelligence.


  GEP relies on the three core businesses of intelligent shredding, intelligent monitoring and intelligent dust reduction. It always walks in the front of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and provides the best resource regeneration program for global customers with intelligent characteristics to share green technology.




  The two sessions is being held, people are going on focusing on foreign garbage and Intelligent application on industry. GEP Eco tech is still on its’ way of recycling resource and sharing green economy.


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