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A New Revision of the National Standards for the "Express Package"

Temps de libération:2018-02-24

  In recent years, with the explosive development of the E-business industry, there are a lot of problems such as "white trash" pollution and waste of resources caused by the non degradable packaging materials. According to the status and trend report of green packaging development in China's express delivery area released by the State Post Office, the total amount of National Express will reach 50 billion by 2020, including 20 billion plastic bags and 7 billion bubble bags.




  Several days ago, the national quality inspection administration and the National Standards Commission issued the revised national standard for the “Express package”. According to the reduction, green, recycling requirements, the relevant aspects of the original standard was improved and the new national standard will be formally implemented in September 1, 2018.


  In the past, in order to avoid damage in transiting, express tend to be wrapped in layers before departure which brings a lot of waste of resources. At the same time because the courier packaging materials are mostly categories that not easy to be decomposed, so both landfill and incineration will cause serious environmental pollution.


  It is noteworthy that for the first time, the new version of national standards clearly stated that "express packaging bags should adopt biodegradable plastics", and correspondingly increased the requirements of biodegradability. At present, the use of plastic bags will spend 200 years to achieve degradation under natural conditions. But the degradation of biodegradable plastics and courier bags, using composting, can be achieved more than 90% degradation in half years. If appropriate temperature and humidity were provided, within 1 years can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. The environmental benefits are significant. At the same time, the new national standard also strengthened reduction requirements: on the one hand to reduce the express envelope paper quantitative requirements and the thickness of plastic film courier bags etc.; on the other hand, the selection of the FedEx box single and double corrugated material is no longer limited. As long as the material meets the bursting pressure, edge index and puncture strength, it can be used.




  The recovery and utilization of express garbage and the promotion of express green packaging are complex and systematic project. In 2017, the "double eleven" period, the famous electricity suppliers have launched the service of shared express box, circular express bag, express carton recovery service. The new edition of the national standard has also increased the requirements of the secondary use of express envelope, and the express packing box can be reused in accordance with the standard. At the same time, for different express packaging products, they should be printed with recyclable marks, repeated use signs or plastic products to facilitate recovery.


  GEP ECOTECH fine crushing machine makes use of the interaction between the tooth and the fixed knife and controls the particle size through screen which can process the material to a small size through shredding, shearing, extrusion processing. It is often used in various solid waste crushing, material can be made in to a small size through one-time processing. It also widely used in renewable resources, waste reduction, waste sorting, plastic crushing and other fields.It has a lot of advantage, such as it can make a small particle size, the screen can be replaced, the material has wide applicability and high efficiency etc..




  In 2017, the national express industry completed 40 billion 60 million pieces, it increased 28% compared with the same period. And the use of the Express package is still huge. Under the new development situation, the revision and release of the new national standard is the trend of the times. It will play an active role in the production, use, testing, recycling and reuse of the express package.


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