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Bright Future of Industrial Solid Waste Processing Market: The Annual Output Value Will Exceed 850 B

Temps de libération:2018-02-09

  Industrial waste treatment is a process that decomposes harmful substances to human or environment in waste or by physical, chemical and biological means, and transforms them into less toxic ones, which are suitable for transportation, storage, resource utilization and final disposal. Such as detoxification of waste, separation and concentration of harmful components, stabilization or curing of waste to reduce the leaching of harmful components.




  Since the beginning of the new century, China's output of industrial solid wastes has increased significantly. In particular, from 2001 to 2014, the annual growth rate was 9.73%. In 2015, China's industrial solid waste amounted to 3 221 000 000 tons. While China began to focus on the quality of economic growth in recent years , the characteristic period of the rapid development of industrialization in China determines solid wastes production over the next few years will still be maintained at around 8% growth rate. By 2021, China's industrial solid waste production is expected to exceed 46 tons. The value of industrial solid waste treatment market will exceed 850 billion yuan.




  As for the technical development of solid waste treatment that catches people’s eyes, it will also change greatly. According to the authoritative trend analysis, there will be several trends in the future:


  Biological treatment technology has a broad prospect. Among the many methods, the biological treatment technology, represented by compost, has the advantages of low cost, low operating cost, simple operation and easy management. City solid waste in our country is mainly kitchen waste, organic components and high nutrient content, some of them take up 60%-70%, and the general organic water content can reach 70%. From the analysis of reduction and resource, anaerobic digestion technology is a very suitable technology. South Korea on anaerobic digestion of kitchen did a lot of research work, there are a lot of successful experience is worth learning.


  New technology for clean production of municipal solid waste treatment. Efforts should be made to improve landfill, incineration and composting while promoting the research and application of comprehensive treatment technology according to the different characteristics of municipal solid waste composition. Thermal plasma gasification technology, hydrothermal catalytic gasification technology, and pyrolysis technology have been applied in treatment of solid waste in the city, combined treatment of electronic waste and city solid waste landfill bioreactor technology has also started trying to apply solid waste treatment.


  Technology to improve the utilization ratio of solid waste. Achieving urban solid waste recycling is an effective way to achieve sustainable development, which can reduce the pressure of municipal solid waste treatment facilities and reduce the exploitation of natural resources. At present, the use of municipal solid waste to burn ash to make building materials is an effective way to save resources, eliminate waste and protect the environment. China is a big country of energy consumption. It can make full use of urban solid waste to recover energy, such as sorting and burning municipal solid waste, obtaining heat energy, making use of organic solid waste, bio hydrogen production, and waste newspaper fermentation to produce ethanol.




  As a core part of solid waste recycling, solid waste professional intelligent shredding system has become the choice of the market advantage. GEP environmental protection relying on advanced networking technologies, focus on large data acquisition, and is committed to providing optimal shredding solutions for customers, is always in the leading position of solid waste treatment industry. How to make the"misplaced resources" come back to use value chain ?It becomes the constantly exploring subject in solid waste industry.


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