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A Sharp Weapon to Carry on the Innocuous Treatment of Domestic Waste

Temps de libération:2018-01-25

    "Garbage is the resource in the misplaced position. The more resources are consumed, the more waste is produced, "In turn, more garbage should be converted to resources. At present, there are roughly 3 kinds of garbage disposal methods in the world: landfill, incineration power generation, harmless and resource-based treatment. Landfill, not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also easy to cause pollution of soil and groundwater resources, and can not produce economic benefits; incineration power generation needs large investment and high operation cost. If handled clumsily, the smoke will cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment and endanger human body health. 


    Recently, "harmless and renewable treatment system of city garbage" has attracted widely attention. According to the introduction, the system can carry out the total sorting process of garbage without waste water, waste gas and residue. The sorting rate is over 99.5%, and the garbage collected can be reused.  And the utilization rate of resources is over 96%. The system does not only effectively transform urban waste into treasure, but also evade environmental damage and has a good market prospect.

    Because of the diversity and shape of the living garbage itself, the harmless and resource-based treatment of the garbage can not be separated from the early effective crushing weapon. GEP ECOTECH, as an expert in the treatment of domestic waste crushing, its double shaft crusher and double shaft shredding crusher has been widely recognized by the market. The integral chamber ensures high mechanical strength and greatly improves the crushing efficiency. The main shaft is made of special materials, and is processed by many times heat treatment and high precision machining. It not only has super strong anti-fatigue and impact resistance, but also greatly prolongs its service life.



    Especially large garbage in domestic waste that usually discarded in public area, which is neither convenient for collection and transportation, and occupies large space for landfill. It is very unfavorable for resource recycling. So the specialized processing is imperative.

    A large number of cases show that the two classic models of double shaft shredder and double shaft shearing type shredder have become the best tool for the innocuous treatment of domestic waste.


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Nouvelle d’industrie

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