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How to Exploit Waste Papers Resource?

Temps de libération:2018-01-15


During the first half of the twentieth Century, people from all over the world increased their consumption of iron and sugar. At the same time, the demand of papers increased sharply, and even became the important measure of a country's economic development level. However, until the twenty-first Century, when the large demand for papers brought more pollution than people expected, people finally realized the importance of reducing the use of paper and seeking social progress.

Where Does Waste Paper Come?

Waste papers refer to renewable resources which are produced in daily life,  including a variety of high-grade paper, yellow paperboard, paper boxes, cutting paper, packing paper, business using paper, engineering paper, books and newspapers etc.

Generally speaking, there are several main sources of waste papers:

1. Residential areas and residential districts           

2. Store street, commercial facilities: shopping centers, stations, markets, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

3. Paper processing plants: printing, binding factory, paper cutting plant, paper box, and carton production plant, newspaper office, etc.           

4. Business, office, etc.           

5. School and other educational institutions 


How to Deal With Waste Papers?    

Q: How much carbon dioxide can be produced by burning 10 kilograms of old newspapers?

A: Generally speaking, the amount of carbon dioxide produced after burning is about 15 kilograms which is 1.5 times the weight of the old newspaper.

A lot of people are surprised to see the answer. Indeed, in daily life, we will find the smoke rising rapidly to the upper level which seems very light and even makes people have the delusions that it has disappeared. However, from an atomic point of view, paper combustion is a process that combines with oxygen in the air. Burning 10 kilograms of paper needs to combine with 12 kilograms of oxygen and produce 16 kilograms of carbon dioxide and 6 kilograms of water vapor.

Therefore, the burning of newspapers will greatly increase the content of carbon dioxide in the air, which will undoubtedly aggravate the greenhouse effect of our earth. There is no doubt that the direct incineration of waste paper is unreasonable. A tree (diameter 14CM X high 8M) can be processed into 100 kilograms of debris, and 100 kilograms of debris can produce about 50 kilograms of paper (equivalent to 170 boxes). And if the paper is used once a lifetime, a tree is only enough for 20 people to use 60 days which will result in a high waste rate.

The relevant data show that the expansion of recycling waste paper can effectively relieve the tension of the paper making materials. Because 1 tons of waste paper can save 3~5 cubic meters of timber, 1 to 1.5 tons of standard coal, 50~100 cubic meters of water, 300~800 kilograms of chemical raw materials, 75% air pollution , 35% water pollution and 3 cubic meters of landfill space.

How to Change the Waste Paper into Resources?      


Numerous cases have proved that changing waste paper into raw material resources for processing can greatly reduce the cost, and the economic and social benefits are very significant. Using waste paper as raw material for paper making, on the one hand, can reduce pollution and protect the environment. On the other hand, it can also control from the source, reduce deforestation and maintain sustainable development.


As professional shredding equipment, GEP environmental protection paper shredder is made of high strength alloy steel and adopts imported blade material which has strong wear resistance and high strength. The operation between two shafts has different speed and has functions of tearing, extrusion and occlusion. One time crushing can carry on repeatedly cutting and effectively reduce the material size.     

GEP environmental protection paper crusher has the advantages of getting uniform discharges, suitable size. It can be used to crush material includes waste paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and other paper materials. It is designed for shredding varies paper materials and is suitable for the refinement all kinds of waste paper materials. In the future, the demands for waste paper processing will be more and more, which also puts forward higher requirements for the paper processing technology and paper shredding equipment.

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