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Waste plastics recycling is good for both the common people and national economy. The industry restr

Temps de libération:2017-12-21

As we know, most of the plastics are non degradable, day after day, it will produce very serious white pollution and baddly damaged the eco environment. While, the plastic recycling can effectively relieve the problem of pollution. So, the waste plastics recycling industry not only saved resources and promoted the economy development, but also make great contribution to the environment protection, which is a green industry that is good for the commen people and national economy for many generations.



The reality and urgency of waste plastics


The waste plastics are hard to degrade and having a obvious effection on environment, needed to be deal with correctly. Especially with the national actively enviroment protection policy, very strict to enterprise pollution discharge and garbage treatment, plastic industry is the core point of enviroemtnal protection.


It is reported that, the yearly output capacity of waste plastics is about 34,130,000 tons in China, while the reusing capacity is 24,878,000 tons which is 30% of total plastic consumption in one year. The waste plastics recycling and resuing is not only saved the resources and reduced enrivonment pollution, but also offered a lot of work and entrepreneurial opportunities. It has played a vital role in the economy development.


So, on the Industry Green Development Plan During 2016-2020 required until the end of 2020, the recycling waste plastics should reach 23,000,000 tons per year. We should accelerate the high efficiency utilization of regenerated resources and promote the The standard development of renewable resources industry. Based on the waste plastics, we should accelerate the application of suitable recycling technology and equipment, to establisha batch of industrial centralization areas of renewable resources, push the the cross-region cooperative utilization of regenerated resources, build the regional recovery and utilization system of regenerated resources and promot the gradual standardization of the industry order.


The questions and suggestions of regenerative plastics industry


The president of Chinese CPPIA Plastics Recycling Committee Hongtao Ning said the questions that the regenerative plastics enterprises faced were the following four points; the whole regenerative plastics industry has a hug scale, but the enterprises are most the samll companies with small scale; the technical development and application ability is poor, with low-level processing equipment and low resource utilization rate; it can case secondary pollution, endangering the environment; the classification and sorting skills are backward and wasting the resource with low added value.


For this situation, the presedent Hongtao Ning suggested that: accelerating the industry integration, improving the industrial concentration, and promoting the scale development by encouraging the annexation, reorganization, joint venture and other methords; promoting the resources and energy intensification, cascade and efficient utilization of the resource to improve the utilization level; sharing infrastructure to reduce investment intensity; promoting the centralized treatment of pollution to facilitate pollution control and supervision; upgrading the high value utilization of waste plastics and improving the competitiveness of the recycled plastic industry.


Anyway, the development of the plastic industry brings convenience to our life and production, but it also cases a large number of waste plastic garbage. The waste plastics recycling industry has grown into an indispensable resource-based environmental protection industry in economic development. At the same time, as the important source of environmental pollution, the waste plastics industry has come to the point of no retreat.

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Nouvelle d’industrie

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