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IE expo 2018, GEP attracts the world’s attention

Temps de libération:2018-05-08

In May 5th, the nineteenth IE expo, the world's second largest environmental protection exhibition after Germany's IFAT exhibition, came to a close at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. During the exhibition, the exhibition hall of GEP ECOTECH received more than 800 visitors, of whom more than 150 were willing to have future cooperation. GEP ECOTECH as a rising star of solid waste treatment industry, participate in the IE expo for the first time.

GEP ECOTECH was established in early 2017, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent control, environmental dust reduction and solid waste shredding and recovery equipment. Although the company started late, but with the advanced research and development of technology, mature service system, excellent team cooperation, has won a number of patent results. In the shortest time, it realizes the curve overtaking. The company adheres to put 8% of the sales revenue as the company R & D funds to guarantee the investment of R & D funds, and regards "R & D" and "innovation" as the driving force for the company's rapid development, and provides professional technology and plan that meet the customer's needs, and tries it’s best to satisfy the customers' personalized needs. Today, GEP has achieved good achievements in the field of solid waste treatment. The R & D intelligent tearing equipment is popular in the market, and their cooperative customers are all over the world.

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

The presence at IE expo is the first appearance of GEP. This exhibition is of great significance to GEP. During the exhibition, GEP ‘s exhibition hall attracted extensive attention both inside and outside the industry. Through the promotion of the exhibition, GEP consolidated the existed customers, excavated the potential customers, and further opened up the new market in the field of solid waste treatment at home and abroad. In China, the exchange and communication with all enterprises of the same industry at China's Expo, has promoted the implementation of "the Bring In and Going Out" strategy of GEP. At the same time, it also expands the influence of the enterprise and builds reputation in the industry.

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

On the morning of May 5th, Li Huajie, GEP 's marketing director, was invited to receive an interview with China environmental protection online. At that time, the live interview will be broadcast in the video interview column of China environmental protection online. Director Li warmly introduced the company's current development and the biggest competitive advantage for journalists, answering questions from reporters. In view of this exhibition, he explained the equipment of this exhibition in detail, and expounded the next blueprint of the company in a forceful way. The interview and dialogue between China's environmental protection online and GEP is a confirmation of the positive attitude of the media to the company's achievements in the environmental protection industry, promoting the company to improve the product and image.

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

From May 3rd to May 5th, people gathered in the GEP ’s exhibition hall, the visitors came to consult, and the enthusiasm of the staff infected every visitor. Uniform dress, warm smile, professional introductions, every staff is the spokesman of GEP. Through this exhibition and on-site communication with customers, GEP will cooperate with a number of enterprises at the next stage of environmental protection to promote the transformation and upgrading of the environmental protection industry.

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

IE expo 2018, GEP Attracts the World’s Attention

In the future, the success can be expected. With the help of the Expo, GEP is well known by more customers at home and abroad. It promotes exchanges with enterprises in the same industry and makes GEP grasp new trends in the industry market and provides the confidence of working hard for environmental protection. In the future, GEP will spare no effort to develop and innovate intelligent shredding equipment, improve the quality of professional service, trade with green environment and share new green technology.

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